History of Choral Connections

The Choral Connections Society and Adult Community Choir had its humble beginnings on a sunny afternoon in July of 2013, on the patio of Founding Board Member Bernice Dostal.  The group at the meeting discussed the possibility of forming a new choir, the values and goals for the new choir, andhow we would achieve these goals.  From this group, the founding board was formed.

The primary goals were:

  1. The choir must be enjoyable
  2. Member dues to be kept to an affordable level
  3. Minimal fundraising requirements
  4. Be accountable to the membership and encourage participation and feedback
  5. Produce a good quality of music from a variety of genres

Our long-time friend and Music Director Michael Grice agreed to fill the Artistic Director role and we decided on Choral Connections as a name, which suited the group as we would be formed from and involved in the Community, and promote music by forming connections with other music groups.On Tuesday Sept 17, 2013, the Choral Connections Adult Community Choir had its first rehearsal at Riverside Secondary School in Port Coquitlam.The choir’s first performance was at the City of Port Coquitlam Volunteer Christmas Dinner on Dec 3,2013.  Our first concert, appropriately titled A New Day, was held on Sunday Dec 8th, 2013, at St. Laurence Church in Coquitlam, BC. and was co-hosted with the group Harmony. We also performed at Lougheed Mall in our first Season.  See the list of all our Concerts to date.The choir has enjoyed great success since its inception and we continue to strive to stay true to our primary goals.


Founding Board Members

Founding Artistic Team